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Furoy’s Insulation: Making Warm Friendships in the Sudbury Area

Serving the Sudbury Area since 1987
For more than 25 years, Furoy’s Insulation in Val Caron has provided insulation solutions for Ontario’s residential, commercial and industrial markets. Our expertise and experience gained over this time helps us to provide warm homes and businesses for hundreds of happy customers in the Greater Sudbury Area.

For New Construction and Restorations
After 25 years, Furoy’s Insulation is a reputable insulation contractor that employs certified technicians. As an independent distributor and installer, we provide all technical procedures, recommendations and foreseen results. We provide attic reports and spray foam reports for city/code officials for new structures. In addition, we offer other services including asbestos removal, fireproofing and industrial vacuuming.

Competitive Estimates
We also ensure competitive quotes, as well as high quality and dependable installations, enabling us to accommodate any building project you have in mind. Use these links to learn more about our services, and call us today.

Did You Know?

Quality insulation creates buildings that are evenly heated, free of hot and cold spots, free of drafts and generally more comfortable to live and work in. Heating and cooling equipment will have a lighter workload and often require less maintenance and repair work.